Soil Gardening

Hawaiian Hydroponics and Garden provides products for all of your soil and gardening needs

At Hawaiian Hydroponics and Garden we carry a variety of soils and mediums to suit your garden style. We can advise you on the differences between soils we carry, coco mediums and soil-less mediums. With our wide variety of organic and soil nutrients, we welcome you to come in and talk with us about feeding methods for your garden.

Some examples of soil and nutrients listed below.
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Tips for your Soil

Over watering

Over watering of a garden is one of the biggest mistakes a beginner soil gardener can make.  Over watering hurts the plants and attracts unwanted pests like fungal gnats and pathogens.

Over watering damages a plant’s root system by becoming waterlogged leading to a lack of oxygen.  Some over watering symptoms include yellowing of the leaves, spots (edema) and the leaves of the plant having a scorched look.

Measure soil moisture

When you touch the surface of the soil, remember that if t is dry, it does not always mean that it is time to water your garden or plant.  A simple way to check the moisture level is to check around 2.5 inches below the surface of the soil.  At this level, the soil should be no wetter than a well rung out dish sponge; i.e- if it sticks to your finger well, its most likely still to wet to water. The soil should never be completely dry either.  Another simple inexpensive way to measure soil moisture is with a moisture meter.

Water well then wait to dry out

Now don’t be afraid to water your plants well when it is time to water, water them so you get some run off, about 20%, and water slow so the water will hold in the soil. Over watering is keeping them wet all the time. Watering the plants well when it is time to water and waiting for them to dry out till its time to water again is not over watering.

Time of day

If you water your garden or plants in the morning and notice that they tend to dry out throughout the day, try watering your plants in the evening which ensures less evaporation and better moisture retention.

Soil wicking units/beds

Container gardening and simple soil wicking units/beds use less water than traditional gardening methods.  Soil wicking units/beds are often easier to maintain as a soil wicking bed should be able to sustain a plant’s/garden’s water needs for about a week at a time.