Hydroponics Gardening

With 20 years of experience in the garden and hydroponic industry we can advise and teach you about a variety of Hydroponics garden methods With tailored plant and garden information you can rely on as well as recommendations of plant varieties good to grow in Hawaii.

Hydroponics is a way of gardening that saves time and resources. A hydroponics garden will grow 2-4 times faster and produce 4-7 times more than conventional gardening using 70-90% less water. Hydroponics Gardening is perfect for the busy person, since hydroponics use pumps and timers to water your garden. And a hydroponics garden with a 2×2 foot print cost less than a $100 a year to maintain and less than 2 hours a week of maintenance.  If you want a organic garden with out all the work and minimal maintenance, then hydroponics is for you.


Aquaponics Gardening

Hawaiian Hydroponics and garden also carries aquaponic supplies.  From setup to maintenance, we have the materials you need to successfully grow a stable and thriving aquaponic garden. We carry trays, growing medium, pumps, fittings, micro-nutrient additives and more. Curious about aquaponics? Or wanna know the difference between hydro and aquaponcs? We can answer all your questions, 7 days a week. 808-735-8665

Aquaponics is a method of growing plants and fish together. Your creating an ecosystem. Starting an aquaponic system is much like starting a fish tank. You only want to put a few fish in to start and let the bacteria build up. The bacteria that grows breaks down the fish waste. Its called a nitrogen cycle. Through this process of break down, the fish waste becomes plant food. Adding Iron and other micro nutrient is sometimes needed in aqauponcs because the fish waste lacks these elements to begin with. Adding these nutrients in is easy. We carry a Aquaponic line of nutrients using only 1 tsp per gallon so its very cost effective. You can add iron, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. All the things you need to get your garden off to a great start and prosperous finish.


Hydroponic Kits & Components

We carry a wide range of hydroponic kits, from Ebb and flow to deep water culture and drip systems. Hydroponics tray sizes start at 8”x41” and go up to 8 feet, so no matter the garden size we have you covered. With our wide selection of fittings, pumps and tubbings, its all pieces you’ll need for your hydroponic ebb and flow, deep water culture, drip or areoponics system. Not sure what direction to go? No problem, just come in or call and our knowledgable staff can answer all your questions about any gardening method. You can also make an appointment for a consultation and garden design. *classes held monthly. Our hydroponics kits come ready to grow, so you can get gardening the same day with our ready and sprouted seedings.

We carry hydroponics kits for a garden on a budget and they start at $74.95!
And a 2×2 foot hydroponics system is available for $199.95 and grows 15 PLANTS!

How To Grow a Hydroponic Garden
in 4 easy steps

At Hawaiian Hydroponics, we offer a Hydroponics workshop-  How To Grow a Hydroponic Garden-in 4 easy steps. This workshop covers all you need to know for a successful hydroponics garden. From setting up your hydroponics system in less than 20 minutes to getting rid of pests organically. Hawaiian Hydroponics has the knowledge to get you growing a great organic hydroponic garden.

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